Darkrp Chat doesnt work

One of my friends are hosting a server everything works fine except one thing.
The normal chat doesnt work. You can only see what people write every 5 minutes? And he doesnt get any errors in the Server console?

Thanks in advance

Are you saying that when someone types, it comes up 5 minutes later?
If so, that is very very very terrible server lag.

What is he running the server on? Desktop or Laptop

No, its not lag! It something with the chat that only allows you too write around every 30seconds sometimes minutes? Do you think it might be a addon?

Do you have ULX? There’s an option in ULX to set the chat time. It’s the amount of seconds you have to wait between messages. Maybe it got set really high.

Yes we have ulx. Where do i change the chat time?

Thanks for the help ;D

Edit: Found it thank you so much ;D