DarkRP Chat not Working

[I moved this from help and support to here, as it made more sense and I would probably get actual responses.)

I’m currently helping develop a DarkRP server and chat is just broke for the most part. We’re unable to speak at all, whether it’s OOC chat or talking locally. Everything but ULX commands and an addon that’s activated with “!services” doesn’t work. I’m almost positive this is due to a conflicting add-on but I cannot find out which it is. I had experienced this problem before on a private server hosted from my PC with other friends. I eventually found the problem, but I can’t recall which add-on it was. If someone could help, you would be the savior to a server literally. The only non-workshop addons we use are from script-fodder so it can’t be that.

Our server collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=736494586

You’ve said it yourself, it’s probably a conflicting addon, just remove them one by one until you figure it out! Voila!