DarkRP class for Respected.

Hello, can someone tell me how to make a DarkRP job for members ranked ‘respected’ on assmod.

P.S: I’ve seen how FacePunch works, and practically I see that one person says something totally unhelpful, and the topic drifts off to something that does not help at all.
As this is my first post I would appreciate it if you post something that will help me and nothing else.

I guess it could be done but then you have to recode a bit in the gamemode to accept respected too. For the time being you can only choose between 3 options, public, admin and superadmin only. But if you look through the gamemode code with the authers acception its probably possible to add respected as a choice. Talk to the auther if he can add it for you because that would actually be good because I guess there is other servers looking for the same thing.

Search though sh_commands.lua, and showteamtabs.lua, sh_commands.lua has the code that determines if you can use the command, showteamtabs.lua is what puts it in the menu.

Darkrp is shit, use cakescript or this would really help facepunch quit roleplaying.

you would probably also need to write a plugin that works with your admin mod like ULX or ASSmod or whatever because I dont think respected is originally in gmod, thats been added by your adminmod.

Let me say something helpful.

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Last time I tried cakescript, it was broken.

Actually, in my opinion, DarkRP is one of the easiest scripts to modify. Sure it isn’t as serious as Cakescript and attracts alot of minges, but that fact should not be blamed on the script but rather on the admins of the servers who allow that kind of behavior.

DarkRP can easily be turned into a moderately serious RP script, especially with Falco’s newest “Anti-Minge” measures.

And if anyone figures out a solution for this, please let me know, as I would like to use it in my edit.

Works fine on the servers I’ve seen using it.

This is what I mean.

Please note! This topic is nto about cakescript! Do not tell me to use any other thing than what I want to! Do not talk about anything else that is off topic to the title!

If you respond to this post, you’re being a pure smart arse.

^^ wow.,… your srsly not a happy person… your smiley lies to me on so many levels… cakescript pwnz

Be polite. And yes, I am a pure smart arse. Oh wow, I want to cry.