DarkRP Coder Request.

Hello everyone today I’m here to request at least 1-2 DarkRP Coders that are active for my Garry’s Mod 32 Slot.

[What I want]

  • NPC that sells permanent cars, that automatically save to the server and whenever the player that purchased that specific vehicle. And whenever the play rejoins he can get it from another NPC.

  • Permanent Weapons for sale -Automatically Saves whenever you rejoin you have them-

  • Bank robbery option ~Something similar to Noobonicplague~ I’ll explain whenever you add me if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

That’s all that I can come up with atm add me on steam if you’re interested

STEAM: marcell54

Don’t add me if you can’t do any of this you’re just going to be blocked.

So basically you just want a copy of noobonic plague to host?

No, not exactly a copy these are only a few things… and Noobonicplague didn’t come up with all these features.

Hey couild you help me out with that? gettin a copy to host an lan with my bro?

Did you really bump’d to just post that?