DarkRp coders needed.

Currently im running a Zombierp server and in dire need of coders.

Atm im searching for someone whos got the feel of darkRp since thats what the zombierp gamemode is.

Id like it if i could get someone with advance knowledge on it but atm im taking less experienced coders.

I can code some things for you. Add me on steam, username is Toon.

Learn it yourself. Simple edits like jobs and entities you can pick up in a couple of days no problem. Then you won’t be limited to another coders timetable, secret agenda or fees.

@mdeceiver79 i agree however i fail bigtime lol ud think someone whos gone through html and small time java coding classes would figure this shit out. but i fail. plus im to the point im running out of time to sit down and keep trying.

besides all servers need coders and ops and shit like that to maintain them.