DarkRp Coding Help Needed


Madness roleplay is a new and forming community starting with an idea of roleplay completely original and did very well in beta testing. We will not reveal our idea in this thread because we are trying to get coding help, not tell everyone our idea. We are willing to pay our coders fair price. when we say fair price we mean that we understand how hard and how long the coder would have to work to get what we want done. We would pay you everytime you finish a specific task, For example we need an inventory in our game and you would be payed apon completion of the inventory system. We would love for you to stay with us and accept another task, but you would not be required to stay with the team the whole time. Please know that this may mean that we hire multiple coders to do tasks that they are specially good at.
Our payment type would be through Pay-Pal in USD. Please know that although Madness is looking for coders now, we wont actually be paying and starting the job untill late december. If you are hired we will be going through planning and getting to know what tasks you would be willing to do.

About Madness

We are a new community that has tested our idea with a server twice. both times the idea was solid and players enjoyed the server. We had issues with coders in the past which is why the server is currently down. We never had anyone willing to work and actually finish tasks and fix bugs within the server. We will go into more depth about the setting of our server if hired. We look forward to getting things started and hope to have the server up and running the start of next year. (maybe sooner if possible.)

Who We Want

We want a coder that is willing to work on what we want and not have other projects getting in the way.
we would like the person to be available to work hard so we can finish and get running soon as possible.
Live in the United States would be a plus. Living in Utah would be a MAJOR plus. (Although we will accept anyone willing to work that knows their stuff.)
Must have increased knowledge in Lua code, Must be good with making DarkRp Custom.
We want our coder to be a Rp player so as to know what players like and enjoy in an rp environment.
We would like the coder to play on the server after its done and stick with us to add and update the server (you will be paid ofcoarse)


  1. How much do you know of LUA? (1-10)
  2. Do you play Rp on garrysmod?
  3. Do you live in the United States? Utah would be Great.
  4. Can you give examples of your work?
  5. Are you willing to work hard and often?
  6. How much do you expect to be payed? (Payment issues can be discussed per task we need done)
  7. Are you willing to stick around and be part of the Madness Community?

If interested in this position, Please post a comment with your details and a way to contact you. the best way would be to give us your steam name so we can add you as a friend and we can conference with all madness members.
Thank you for reading and Madness looks forward to seeing and talking with all applicants.

I’m not totally sure how this will work. DarkRP is a gamemode that’s been frown upon here for quite some time, also those type of applications that people will just make fun of. Nonetheless, good luck.

I understand why people look down apon DarkRp but the reason madness wants to use it is because we have seen other custom darkrp servers and have really enjoyed the way DarkRp runs. Thank you for you input and Thank you for the heads up.

Despite how much you’re offering to pay, what things you’re offering to give, most people around here will crucify you for posting this. Facepunch generally hates when anyone posts team requests of any kind.

DarkRP is a highly disliked subject, so that makes it even worse.

I really do wish you good luck, but be prepared for criticism and insults.