DARKRP Coding Help!


Pardon my ignorance! (i’m not to sure if this is the right section but it looks close).

Myself and a few friends bought a 24slot GMOD10 server to play Semi-Serious RP, after buying the server and installing DARKRP i trolled some forums (mainly this one) and alot of the feedback was “its easy to code it” so i had ago and yes bits are very easy…

I have so far managed to setup some classes and create a drug dealer’s weed plant usin the money printer code.

But now we are stuck… we still have alot of issues and have spent endless nights trying to fix! aka 5:22 here and im stuck again.

It seems everytime we get something working… something else breaks and then we hit a brick wall.

(Cheeky Time) is there anyone willing to give us a hand?

Any help would be grand!

Steam: jaywhitt90

Thanks :smiley:

bump. Anyone?

I’ve added you, will try to help


still looking for help