DarkRP.com for all DarkRP related things

DarkRP now has a website

Too many people ask too many questions about DarkRP. Questions are repeated again and again and it’s driving everyone crazy. I’ve seen the many complaints about all the DarkRP threads on this forum.
Here’s the solution to that problem.

It contains both a DarkRP wiki and a forum solely created for the purpose of discussing DarkRP related things.

Have a list of things that are nice about the forums on DarkRP.com:

  • One place for all DarkRP related things (like the wiremod forums)
  • People who post threads about DarkRP can be referred to the DarkRP forums
  • People can search topics for questions that have been asked before
  • We have categories dividing the questions, making it easier for everyone
  • Supported by the official developer of DarkRP and some contributors
  • Chances are higher that people with much knowledge about DarkRP will reply to people’s threads

Here’s another list of nice things about the DarkRP wiki (boy I love lists):

  • Fully dedicated to DarkRP
  • Every function and hook is documented
  • Help on how to make custom jobs, shipments and all that stuff
  • People are encouraged to make their own guides, which some have already done
  • Someone made a Russian translation. I’m not exactly sure why.

I see very few threads about wiremod on these forums, I’m sure that’s because they have a forum.
Hopefully, people will gradually stop filling up the Facepunch forums and use the DarkRP forums instead. It’s better for everyone.

I encourage discussion about DarkRP, DarkRP.com and its forums in this thread.


I thought it was Russian.

I’m not really good with flags or the Russian language.

Yeah it is Russian. (I’m russian so…)

Added my add-ons to break the ice on the according forum category. Pretty nice, but the front page doesn’t seem very inviting (the grey depresses). Other than that, great.

My idea for the design included a black background and DarkRP red as main colour. I was told that it’s an insane idea.

Black background is perhaps a little too dark (makes you tense your eyes to read things) but red as main color; YES.

I really thing it should eye a bit more playful. It should draw players to feel welcome there even without being a lua brain. Feels a bit like a manuel/big documentation page right now on the front. Forum works very flattering by the way. Love it.

is this the website that computer 22 has his hand in?

Ideal-hosting hosts the site, yeah. Computer22 has made the front page and many other things. DarkRP.com wouldn’t be there without him.

I make the final decisions on the website, though.
You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Does he have a bad reputation? If so, why?

the horrible history he has had with 2 things that I can remember decently clearly

the warz wiki and him reselling connas scripts and supposedly charging rediuclously just for hosting a site for whmcs on it. oh and the whole thing of him popping up on garrys livestream to advert gmod.eu but as long as you arent forking over piles of money for something so simple I dont see an issue with it.

In that case there’s no issue with it. Thanks for the heads up, though.

Pretty cool thing.

W00t! Finally ONE location for all the DarkRP information, I know back in the days when I first started playing Gmod&DarkRP, I had to spent some hours to find a few nice things to customise on my own server, I hope this will help my search out the next time I need it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also congrats on your 5.000th post FPtje :smiley:

Interesting to see where DarkRP has gone since 4-5 years. Jesus that’s a long while.

Best of luck shaping DarkRP to be better, FPtje.

I’ve been using the wiki for ages, it’s incredibly useful considering I can’t remember any darkrp functions/hooks and what they do for the life of me :v:

Glad to see there’s a forum now as well.

I didn’t know you were still around. Hey could you do me a favour and check if this story is correct?

Do you have anything to add to it, anything to correct? Thanks

Excellent idea! It’ll stop people from flooding Facepunch with repetitive questions about how to make their DarkRP “custom”. Good luck with DarkRP 2.5.0! Good timing with the forum since when October comes around there are going to be a lot of people asking for help.

Eheheheh. I remember getting banned during that fight with you. I also think philxyz wasn’t very happy with what happened either. It was probably the right thing to happen though. I was an ok Lua coder. I mean, sure I would have learned to get better, maybe to where I am now, but I’m not sure I would have been prepared as a 14 year old to handle the whine back then. It’s funny how things happen.

No, nothing really to add to it. You pretty much understand what the entire situation of it all was.

And yes, I lurk FP, pretty much every day. I don’t post quite so much. I’ve been Lua coding since but mostly for communities/servers and what not. That and before, that managed to put me away from DarkRP.

Thanks for all the feedback! Also, pretty cool that people start to use the forums.

gonna advertise the website at garrys office again like with gmod.eu?