(DarkRP) Commands don't work

Hello, I have problems with commands when i select a job and it says in Chat example like this /gangster

I don’t be gangster no commands works please help

And when i try to own a door it says in the chat /toggleown

:confused: how can i get commands work?

It is DarkRP 2.4.2

You broken Inglish funny
You is own server and run?
or you is join server and play?

I made the server i run the server and joined the server and play but i can’t own a door or get any jobs because it says the commands don’t work

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Well it don’t say the commands don’t work but it just types like /toggleown to own a door but it only says it in the chat and not doing it same as jobs it says it and i don’t be to anything or get any job

Check out the lua files for the DarkRP setup
For the jobs file I think they have it so you could customise the commands needed to switch to that job

But all the commands not working because the commands is doing nothing and saying them in chat instead

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I can’t lua btw

Maybe you don’t even have DarkRP setup… Does it say anything in console? are there errors? is there lag? missing models?
judging from your grammar you sound like you’re about 11-12 years old which might be causing the problems with your failure to setup a gamemode correctly…

I am 14 i’m danish and that is why i have problems with english. DarkRP has been setup no errors in console and there is no lag, no missing models DarkRP Folder is in the gamemode folder

This happens usually when you fuck something up in the shared.lua file. Did you try and edit any jobs, and NOT do them properly?

No i haven’t edited anything i started with just putting in the gamemode and try to test if it worked but it didn’t, I can press F4 then the menu pops up and i can select jobs but when i click on example Gangster then it says in the chat /gangster and i’m not being to a gangster same with doors when i click f2 on a door it says in the chat /toggleown :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any customized Chat box or any addons with labels / chat.add texts on them? or any addon that save settings to a .txt file?

It is a clean srcds install for gmod no addons only the gamemode DarkRP :slight_smile:

Then you’re either:
A: Installing it incorrectly.
B: You have a bad copy of DarkRP.
Pick your poison.

Can you maybe send a link for DarkRP then ?