DarkRP Commands

How would i go about making a /911 command wich sends a request to fireman, police, ect and /radio for police ect

PlayerSay hook Serverside

That made no sense to me what so ever lol, im asking were to make i, and what i have to right or a video toturial to follow

Dunno to much about the /911 command, pretty sure DarkRP -2.5.0 had that. if you rummage through the old releases you may find the code for it.

but if you want a Cop Radio like addon.
you can use this

I have that but for people that dont have mic its not realy useful

If you dont got a mic, what the fuck are you doing on DarkRP xD, (Imo)

also for people that type they can just use Team chat, but yeah I dont really got any advice on the /911 though.

Use this: http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/Functions/darkrp/server/definechatcommand and example of it in use would be this: http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/LUA:DarkRP_Chat_Command

Thanks man :smiley: