DarkRP Community Name Ideas

I’m Starting Up A Community And I’m looking For Name For The Community.

Any Suggestions ???

Tupac Shakur Serious RP

<random synonym for good> Gaming.

Generic RP

Mompayed rp

thanks for the responses so far !!


Guys, he hasn’t even said his community is an RP server. Stahp assuming!!!11


This names my favorite. Use this one OP

DarkGaming RP|Custom|Free Superadmin|100,000,000,000,000$$$ START|Custom|Original|666+ jobs|Dev|NEED STAFF|Free ADMIN|Need Staff|CUSTOM GAMEMODE|DarkRP|Sponsored|Custom Map|RP_Downtown|Vip for 100$ and admin for 200$!111!|FREE ADMIN|

Moneyprint Gaming

Thunderbolt Gaming

Edit: oh that’s taken

How about Cheezegrat0r Gaming

DarkRP Community

This is the fucking best one:


You will get 56 playahs trust meh works everytime

Shit House Gaming

Lemon Punch.

Autism Asylum SeriousRP

This server will be dead in 1 month RP

Why don’t you just steal a name, and edit it.
Most of us, know poseidon servers. What about, a god, or PitBikerAlex RP
Zeus RP, TownOfHell, Role playing to the max… SSSSSSSSSR, Super, Swell, Significant, Sunny, Soapy, Smelly, Smack, Splat, Slithering, Role Play.