DarkRP Compatible Armour/Health Charging stations and ammo crates.

Remember in half life 2 there was the wall mounted charging stations?
Well I want them for my DarkRP server (I know it’s a bad gamemode).
I’ve seen it used in servers before, But I cannot find it on garrysmod.org
Like, I’d want it to heal/charge people to 100% and not run out of power like they do in hl2.

Also ammo crates I’d like to get ones that you just “buy” and press E on to get, lets say 30 of each ammo.

If anyone knows of such things, Please do tell me :smiley:

You create the entity (can find the name in Hammer) with ents.Create()

You’d be better off just making your own ammo crate ent, that’s very simple. Although the charging thing, you could make your own as well if you know how to animate the entity.