DarkRP corrupts edited Shared.LUA


I tried to add extra classes to my DarkRP server, but then the Shared.LUA goes corrupt and there are no jobs on the server and players have very blocky model.
I edited the file with Notepad++.

Heres the link to my Shared.LUA

Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

Please post the code on the forum using [lua] tags? And you should also appoint which classes you added when it messed up. I don’t like downloading more or less “useless” files on the computer without any need. (;

man, your code is all fucked.

Ok, these are some problems.
ALL your new jobs are like this
TEAM_class = AddExtraTeam

You need to make the “TEAM_” different for each job, like.

“TEAM_WHATEVER” and don’t forget to change the String after the weapons, that’s the command the players type to become the job, like /looter, /soldier…
Remember that you have to put it without the /.

You also have your last job fucked to the max with some random function that lacks 3 ends and that it is totally not necessary, and you again forgot a ending quotation mark, at the last job.
AND, you forgot the limit of players, salary, player/admin/super admin and if its for vote or not in the last job.

and why do you have all your jobs like

“…x, y, z, ?, false )”

x is the limit of that job, Y the salary, z if its player/admin only/super admin only, you also have a extra number, that “?” has no use. and probably is fucking your code too.

Dude, install the GLua plugin for N++ so you know when your strings terminate. You have random strings starting and stopping all over the place.

Hell, ANY language syntax highlighting should tell you where your strings are.

problem with his code isn’t ONLY the 2 strings that start but don’t end, there are errors in the DarkRp stuff of his code and a function that lacks 3 ends and that is fucking one of his jobs as I stated before in my post.