DarkRP Costum Models | TDM Cars | TDM Cars Skins Question

So i have 3 Question.
My 1.
How can i add Custom Models in DarkRP for Jobs like Mafia
My 2.
I installed on my Server TDM cars with SVN but the other cant see it how can i make that they download tdmcars automatically.
My 3.
How can i install in TDM Cars FBI or Police Skins.
Thanks for your Help
Your AlenGaming.

  1. Its custom not costom. 2. make a lua file named autodownload in lua/autorun. Inside do resource AddFile (“models/player/DarkRP/fbi.mdl”) this is example of a path. 3. English

Hire someone to make the lua then dont pay him, after that steal the mod and claim it as yours, and let the forums of facepunch fill with a copyright war.

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Just add Ratzow3 at steam. I can help you then.

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