DarkRP - Counter Strike: Source is incorrectly installed!

So I keep getting these errors on my DarkRP server saying that CSS is incorrectly installed. How do I install it? I do not have SSH access or anything like that because I rent a server from a gaming website. Also, every time I buy a gun it just spawns and floats where I was looking at. You cant pick it up or anything and its annoying. The jobs are also screwed up also. Can anyone give me a GOOD AND WORKING shared.lua file or addon for GOOD jobs?

The guns don’t appear because no counter strike source. We do not host your game server, so use their support system
If they don’t have a support system, move company.

You can get a working shared.Luna from the DarkRP svn. Give it a Google.

Not one with good jobs. Also why isnt there /ooc or /local and stuff? Everyone can hear each other all across the map. theres just normal and team.

You add the jobs into DarkRP yourself. Check their wiki on how to do so.

You have sv_alltalk set to 1, change it to 0. Then in F4 go menu and disable rp_all talk.

This thread will help if you don’t know how to add jobs and such.

Well now I really just need to install Counter Strike: Source for my server, but I only have access to RCON and FTP. If someone could get on my server and help me because im really new at this:

I’ll refer to my post, contact your game server host to fix the problem.