so my printer has this function DarkRP.createMoneyBag(Vector(MoneyPos.x 0, MoneyPos.y -1, MoneyPos.z -0), amount)
… i was wondering how can i make it so instead of spawning the moneybag behind printer , how can i make it so it just spawns ifront of it without any force. ?

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basically i meanthis:

my printer currently throws moneyBag to right.

i want it to spawn the moneybags infront of it

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function ENT:CreateMoneybag()
	if not IsValid(self) or self:IsOnFire() then return end

	local MoneyPos = self:GetPos()

	if GAMEMODE.Config.printeroverheat then
		local overheatchance
		if GAMEMODE.Config.printeroverheatchance <= 3 then
			overheatchance = 22
			overheatchance = GAMEMODE.Config.printeroverheatchance or 22
		if math.random(1, overheatchance) == 3 then self:BurstIntoFlames() end
	local amount = GAMEMODE.Config.mprintamount
	if amount == 0 then
		amount = 1500
	local Ang = self:GetAngles()
	DarkRP.createMoneyBag(Vector(MoneyPos.x 0, MoneyPos.y -1, MoneyPos.z -0), amount)
	self.sparking = false
	timer.Simple(math.random(5, 20), function() PrintMore(self) end)

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any ideas how to do this :/?


Add to the x and z, also that will most definitely throw an error as is.

can you give example what you mean? im new to this vector stuff q.q

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please someone help