DarkRP CS:S Content is not working! (I run a DarkRP Server)

Yep… this stupid error:

Counter Strike: Source is incorrectly installed!
You need it for DarkRP to work!

But, all the CS:S content is working, I can spawn, interact, and correctly use the props, ragdolls, entities, weapons, and so forth.

I just want to make this console/chat spam go away, how do I do that. Please make this simple, I do not want to spend more then a couple more minutes on it, thank you.

Update DarkRP.

I know the solution may be an easy one, but for awhile I’ve been trying to figure this ridiculous problem out. Thanks Bo98 I will update Darkrp.

Are you serious? How am I supposed to know how to do that man?


25 hours and moving forward with these issues.

How do I update DarkRP? I have “The Lastest Version” from the wiki or whatever.


How do I add addons, I WANT TO KNOW!

Go here for the latest version of DarkRP. And post any problems you have in the DarkRP Help Thread instead of making your own threads about DarkRP.

The version will not change as much as I’ve updated it.

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Ohh. Update ‘DarkRP’, doh!
For those who don’t know, you can grab a fresh DarkRP copy at github.