DarkRP - CSS Incorrectly installed

I have set up a server with steam console and installed the addons and a working darkrp, I have also copied my cstrike into the correct folder, I know its the correct folder because the CSS weapons work and I can spawn CSS props.
after starting up DarkRP the error “Counter-Strike Source is incorrectly installed” keeps pasting into the chat.
how can I fix it?

Go to garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg

// Use this file to mount additional paths to the filesystem
// DO NOT add a slash to the end of the filename

“cstrike” “C:\FRP\cstrike”
// “tf” “C:\mytf2server f”

I Use it in my dedicated Server for you you update for you situations :slight_smile:

Have fun

Also, make sure your DarkRP is fully updated.

Now in Gmod for he detect Css You need modified mount.cfg in cfg

That is what my mount is set to, I already had it like this, does it have to me a dedicated server mount for the content?
I’m just trying to save space that’s all.

Have you checked if your DarkRP is fully up-to-date?

I can’t seem to get by in the world without people like you.
:slight_smile: Thank-you!