Darkrp css models.


I play Darkrp alot but i have alot of errors and black and pink stuff… I think the solution is to download CS:S for the models, but i think 20 euros for some models is alot… i thought maybe i can download the models somewhere.

Please help it would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

No, that would be warez.

CS:S is a good game, so you should get it anyway, otherwise you can’t since it’d be warez.

hmmm, if i buy it in the store can i add it to an existing account? Or should i buy it through steam?

Yeah, buying CS:S in a retail store (Target) will install it via steam, but sometimes, steam sells games at a certain price or percentage at the Christmas sale, so just wait, mentlegen.

You can also get CS:S models through gmod.org, but it won’t resolve the problem you have.

(Rackin’ in da boxes)

well, tuesday was 75% sale off cs:s x*( just to late

cough weekend sale. derp

i sapose in theory one could replace the error texture file with a less hidious one; and all your erros would look like whatever you copyied and renamed to repalce it. Or just buy scc, since Gmod servers arent going to uninstall it just for you.