Darkrp Custom Car Dealer Error

I added a car dealer in game i bought and i can see him in-game and i can talk to him but there is no cars on the list when i’v added some. When i open the car dealer it also gives this error below. Can anyone help me out the owner of the code won’t respond and i bought this car dealer.

[ERROR] addons/boonpc2.5/lua/shop/gui.lua:89: attempt to call method ‘canAfford’ (a nil value)

  1. AddCar - addons/boonpc2.5/lua/shop/gui.lua:89
  2. func - addons/boonpc2.5/lua/shop/gui.lua:509
    3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/net.lua:31

You’re probably better off asking the actual owner of the script, I doubt anyone can do anything just from looking at that single error’

Like i said if you even read it the owner won’t respond…

Who is the owner, what script is it, can you show us the full code, how do you expect anyone to fix it just by providing a little error notification?

I cant show the full code cause it is a paid for script off coderhire the owner is boowman and the script is the custom car dealer. I think it might of not worked cause i used the 2.5.0 and i wasn’t on that version i thought i was im on 2.5.0 now so i will test it out later.

In 2.5.0 all darkrp functions are lowercase. Thats why. Anyway you couldnt even figure out how to post on the correct part of the forum, please dont run a server.

To which he means renamde canAfford to canafford,

but they’re will be other errors as well.