Darkrp custom chat sounds help

You know how you can say hi on darkrp and it plays a audio file. Well I have tried doing the by adding it the the the chat sounds lua with the correct format and the correct path to where the wav file is located. When I type sleep for my sleeping sound it says the file is missing from the directory when clearly its there. If someone could help me that would be great. Thanks!

Could you post the code?

sounds[ “sleep” ] = { “garrysmod/sound/sleep.wav” }

There shouldn’t be a “garrysmod/” in the path.

DarkRP 2.4.3 already has this function just look at module folder

we know that

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still doesnt work

Help me please

Ok wtf still no replys I need help!

Glad you made that post! I was just thinking about not replying but now that you’ve made a desperate plea for help I’m now compelled to help you with something even though we don’t have enough information!

ok so it says the file is missing from the respatory but, its obviously there

I don’t think you understand the sarcasm.

But seriously, we need more information. All we know is that you didn’t do it right. We can’t magically look on your hard drive.