DarkRP Custom Classes help

Ok, I already tried that flash class creator thing, but it doesn’t do everything I want.

Basically, I want to limit certain tools to each different class:

All Wire Tools are only available to the technician class.
All Engine Mod Tools are only available to car salesman.
Turrets and bombs are only available to the gundealer.

Is there any way to limit tools to classes like that? I haven’t really went through LUA code alot, but I am just wondering how to do this.

Well restrict them tools with your admin mod and in the LUA code add the weapons that they are supposed to get for when they spawn : Example

TEAM_name of team = AddExtraTeam(“name of team”, Color(153,0,255,255), “models/player/leet.mdl”, [[Description
]], {“Here”, “add”, “the weapons”}, “hitman”, 2, 50, 0, false)

For it to work you have to add the weapons to garrysmod/gamemode/DarkRP/entities/weapons
They have to be in folders and where it says ‘Here add the weapons’ in the LUA code make sure its exactly the same of the name of the folder in garrysmod/gamemode/DarkRP/entities/weapons

You may wanna change the model by the way.