DarkRP Custom Drug Dealer Question

I have recently made a GMod DarkRP server and would like to install a drug dealer into the system, I have made the job and the job code is TEAM_DRUG, but all I need now is to know how to make my drugs (I’m using a meth system) only for the drug dealer, meaning only the drug dealer can buy the items. :slight_smile:

AddEntity("Microwave(NAME OF ITEM IN SHOP)", "microwave(ENTITY NAME)", "models/props/cs_office/microwave.mdl(MODEL)", 400, 1, "/buyPUTWHATEVERHERE", TEAM_DRUG)

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You should have added a darkrpmodification-master into your addons, and in that, go to lua/darkrp_customthings. Then open shipments.lua and use this format:

DarkRP.createShipment("SHIPMENT NAME", {
        model = "MODEL", -- The model of the item that hovers above the shipment
        entity = "ENT NAME", -- the entity that comes out of the shipment
        price = ###, -- the price of one shipment
        amount = ###, -- how many of the item go in one purchased shipment
        separate = false, -- whether the item is sold separately (usually used for guns)
        pricesep = ####, -- the price of a separately sold item
        noship = false, -- whether this item has a shipment
        allowed = {TEAM_DRUG}, -- OPTIONAL, which teams are allowed to buy this shipment/separate gun

Darkrp modification master

That works for the drugs mod, but i’m using a meth system. So I want to make it only for TEAM_DRUG here is the code for the stove.

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Also how do I make it so the code is in that black box?

add this

allowed = {TEAM_DEALER}--or whatever the job name is

Thank you soooo much Bazoogle, and everyone else who tried to help.