DarkRP Custom Edit?

I know, I know. You guys generally hate DarkRP, well i’ll post this anyways to hopefully get that one guy who is selling.

I’m just looking for a modified darkrp 2.5 script so I can skip the boring stuff i’ve done many times, I just want to play with my brother & friends.

There is no budget, i’ll just pay on how good it is.

So if you are selling it, reply here, message me, or contact me on steam.

Modified into what?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I’m looking for a modified in the way of you know the basics.
Custom playermodels, jobs, printers, etc. Nothing too complex.

Yeah its not hard to modify all of that. I havent played in a while but its just a matter of downloading stuff, putting it in the right folders and edited text files. There are already modified versions and packs out there.

If you want someone to make one specifically to your needs, I’ms ure some people can help :slight_smile: