DarkRP Custom Entites Problem

I have started my gmod darkrp server and have everything set up, it is a star wars themed DarkRP it is pretty fun i love the concept. But i have a job called Tie Pilot that can spawn a Tie Fighter Entity, but when i buy it it does not show up and in the console there is nothing Can anybody help?

My Code:
DarkRP.createEntity(“Tie Fighter”, {
ent = “tie_fighter”,
model = “models/tie2/tie2.mdl”,
price = 4500,
max = 1,
cmd = “tie”,

-- The following fields are OPTIONAL. If you do not need them, or do not need to change them from their defaults, REMOVE them.
allowed = {TEAM_PILOT},
    spawn = function(ply, tr, tblEnt) return ents.Create("prop_physics") end, -- function to override spawning mechanics. MUST return an entity!
    category = "Imperial", -- The name of the category it is in. Note: the category must be created!
    sortOrder = 100, -- The position of this thing in its category. Lower number means higher up.


My tie pilot job code (if needed):

		   TEAM_PILOT= DarkRP.createJob("Tie Fighter Pilot ", { -- That's TEAM_PIRATE (Used for like AddCustomDoorgroup or Add to only that group to a door. Also, never use the same TEAM_)
    color = Color(0, 0, 0, 112), -- Chat / Scoreboard Color
    model = "models/player/sgg/starwars/tie_pilot.mdl", -- Model; to add multiple use  {"models/../model1.mdl","models/../model2.mld},  NOTE the extra comma after the bracket.
    description = [[Your a Pilot for the Empire! Kill all that appose the Empires authority! KOS THE REBELS!]], --Description for Job.
    weapons = {"weapon_752_dc17", "climb_swep2"}, -- Weapons for a job. Seperate them with a "," eg: "med_kid", "armor_kit" always finish the last one without a ","
    command = "tp", --Chat command for job. Don't use the same as another teams.
    max = 2, -- Maximum amount of players for this job.
    salary = 2000, -- The salary they get paid.
    admin = 0, -- Requires Admin? 1 for yes, 0 for no.
    vote = false, -- Do they need to vote? true for yes, false for no.
    hasLicense = true, -- Do they have a license for weapons?
	category = "Troopers",
	sortOrder = 100

Thanks, Mr.Stormz

Really hard to help when we can’t read a thing, use [lua] tags.

im kinda new to this stuff what are lua tags?

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Oh and i dont know if this is something to do with it. If i try to spawn an entity from the spawn menu it says
You Have hit the scrpited Entity Limit

[noparse][lua]function Facepunch(thread, post)

:arrow_down:[lua]function Facepunch(thread, post)

where do i put them and what do they do as i said i am pretty new to this stuff

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SOLVED i tried some different code and it worked! Thanks for replying btw. :smiley: