DarkRP Custom HUD Ammo

Help me please draw ammo in DarkRP and remove simple ammo HUD. Which var is responsible for parameter ammo?

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Why it’s don’t work? I need when weapon is physcannon, ammo is don’t show.

Why isnt the bad spelling rating available everywhere…jeez. And you dont even seem to have defined mag_left, do you have any error? Man give us more intel.

I’m russian and bad speak, write english, sory. I don’t have errors.

if(LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon() == NULL or LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon() == “Camera”) then return end
local current_weapon = LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon()
local mag_left = LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon():Clip1()
local mag_extra = LocalPlayer():GetAmmoCount(LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon():GetPrimaryAmmoType())
local secondary_ammo = LocalPlayer():GetAmmoCount(LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon():GetSecondaryAmmoType())
if(mag_left >= 0 and current_weapon != weapon_physcannon)then
draw.SimpleText(“Ammo: “…mag_left…”/”…mag_extra ,“TargetID”, 25 + 30,ScrH() -25, Color(255,255,255), TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT, TEXT_ALIGN_TOP)