DarkRP - Custom HUD

So yeah, I’m selling a custom DarkRP 2.5 HUD. It’s simple, easy understandable. No extra bling bling, if you are not into that stuff.

I know it’s not the best you’ve seen, but it’s something.

Offer me, I don’t expect much, a dollar or two. I can add like a logo or a name of your server, if you whish.

First of all, see here: http://coderhire.com/

Second, this isn’t the best approach I’ve seen to selling. Especially when it’s something that someone could whip up after reading the HUD tutorial.

Next time, you might wanna try something a bit more unique, or a bit more stylish.

Why would I want to pay 15$ to sell something, when I wont get that much back.

Because you only sell good scripts on coderhire.

That’s what I said, I won’t get my money back.

Then your script is not worth anything. Practice a bit more before trying to sell your code.

I swear facepunch is becoming a place for coderhire rejects? I’ve seen so many threads of people selling scripts recently…

I seriously think this is way to simple to sell. I’d still prefer the regular DarkRP HUD instead of this. You should put a bit more work into it.

Cause people make a SWEP/HUD for first time and thinks it is good enough to sell

Understandable, a while back when I was deciding what to learn out of lua or web development, If I were to choose lua, I’d release my first project for free for people to try out and give constructive feedback :S
Oh well, I chose web development.

The first functional thing you make is usually amazing to you.