DarkRP - Custom job have their models in T position and one person's rank isn't saving

So, basically, I made some custom jobs, used actual HL2/CSS models for them and started up GMod.
But the jobs all had T positions. One (the black charple one) was just crouched and floating in the air.
Also, GMan wasn’t in T position, but just wasn’t making any animations.

Now for the second problem.
I changed people’s ranks using ULX, but one person’s rank isn’t saving. Everybody else’s are saving.

Wrong section

But make sure you’re using the playermodel instead of the ragdoll (eg models/player/kleiner.mdl instead of models/kleiner.mdl).

Alright, CSS model names and GMod’s model names are a little different

For example, the SWAT model name for CSS would be:


Whereas GMod’s model name for SWAT would be:


Use the correct model name (in this case swat.mdl) and you shouldn’t have the T pose.

Thank you so much, this really helped.

First off, Are there any errors? If so, plz post them. Also go check your users.txt file in your garrysmod/data/ulib/ then open the file and search for the person. Once you find him, Edit his group from there. Post back and let me know if it worked.

I’ve had similar issue. No errors, no nothing. It seems like FAdmin conflicts with ULX sometimes. I fixed it in my case by deleting the ulib folder inside the data folder and delete the sv.db where FAdmin ranks are saved (make sure you’re running the latest version of ulx/ulib)

It is terrible to have 2 admin mods on a server. Get rid of one of them, I’d prefer to get rid of Fadmin and keep ulx because you will always have problems when you have 2 different kinds of admin mods.

I’ve never had problems with ULX and FAdmin together. I’ve seen many servers keep them together.

Well, you may have seen this but there is no way to guarantee that they work together unless you somehow have a relation to that server. But still there are many things that could go wrong. In one case, you could ban someone on say fadmin then they still join because ulx does not have the ban in its files so they get overridden and are able to join the server because the 2 different admin mods get confused. This has happened several times to my friend’s server and one time to my server. We removed fadmin and the banned player was banned from there on.

Off Topic: Also, fadmin is annoying and there are several ways to screw up a server with it like using some hack, (There is a hack on youtube, I will not promote it for any reasons, do not attempt to contact me about it.) which gives them superadmin when the hack is activated. Also, there are a couple of bugs I have heard of but am not sure of like fadmin gave admins and not only supers the authority to give themselves rp_setmoney also another bug that froze the server every time you used the rcon button in the server settings page. Again these are only stuff that I have heard and have never tried/looked into. But some servers like to use it and I would not really care. Again, this is only my opinion on how I see fadmin.

On topic: So This is why you should not have 2 admin mods. I really could care less but several things could go wrong like I have just stated.

And if any problems like what you stated really occur, then the host should stop being lazy and actually fix it themselves. I’ve hosted a DarkRP for a long time, and I never had any issues with the admin mods conflicting. Infact, FAdmin gave me some fun benefits that ULX didn’t deliver.