DarkRP - Custom Job Skins

Hello everybody, I’ve got a little problem that I hope You might be able to help me with, here it is:

  • I’ve downloaded some Bloods and Crips skins for my DarkRP server.
  • I’m using a job- / classmaker to make the jobs.
    Okay so there’s more than one model file, and there’s material files too, in the folder. >Models/player/bloods/blood_v1.mdl .
    Now that’s the model, but then there’s multiple files named something with .vtx and others behind their names.

So when I make the job / class, it looks like this:

TEAM_BLOODS = AddExtraTeam(“The Bloods Member”, Color(255, 0, 0, 255), “models/bloodz/slow_1.mdl”, [[A member of the gang,
The Bloods.
Your gang hates the gang named
“The Crips.”
Do your buisness.]], {}, “bloods”, 5, 50, 0, false, false)

Now as you see the I choose the model there, but all I get ingame is a big fat red error, which indicates I messed something up, or didn’t do it the right way.

Could someone help me on my way to succes? I really would like a helping hand on this little project of mine. So if someone wouldn’t mind giving me some help of some kind, if anybody knows how to compile all the skins / models together to get the skin into one file. Stuff like that.

  • Nicklas.

I don’t think this is the place for a question about DarkRP, go post in it’s thread in Gamemode Releases.

You need it also clientside and serverside.

Im taking it you saved it to the server so to fix clientside do this

  1. Go to lua/autorun/client (Serverside)

2.Open Notepad and type


And keep copying and pasting that and changing the name of the file for


the files that are to do with the model

  1. Then save in the location in step 1 as resource


The .lua is crutial

I did that Infinity, I just forgot to tell You that.

  • Sorry Killer_Steel, I was kind of confused about where to post it. So I hope this is the right place.

Sorry, but it isn’t. DarkRP thread in Gamemode Releases is the place you wanna be, plus Falco can help you out.