Darkrp Custom Licence

Okay so I have looked around and tried to google this and still can not find any info but here goes

I am trying to make a custom licence (like the gun licence that the mayor can give) for legal weed dealing to make a dispensary and was wondering if this was possible and if so where would I start to make it?

local plymeta = FindMetaTable(“Player”)

function plymeta:bSharp_GrandLicence(type)
if ( !IsValid(self.bSharp) ) then self.bSharp = {} end
self.bSharp[type] = true

function plymeta:bSharp_RevokeLicence(type)
if ( !IsValid(self.bSharp) ) then self.bSharp = {} end
self.bSharp[type] = false

function plymeta:bSharp_CheckLicence(type)
if ( !IsValid(self.bSharp) ) then self.bSharp = {} end
return self.bSharp[type] or false
untested, but that is the basic of an licence system. It’s just to check if something is true and you build everything on top of that.

That’s the only thing i would have to change around?