Darkrp Custom player models INSTALLATION

I need help. I have installed an admin test player model called mileena.mdl… I have placed it in my addons and added it to the models/player directory AND forced it to download all parts of the playermodel,
and edit the Shared. Lua to use this model and still nothing. I downloaded it myself off of my server and when I join the model is still an error. I fear this may not be a player model and only something that
would render it “unusable.” I can link you guys too it and if someone could tell me if it is a working player model or not and how to install. Thanks!


See, i have a similar problem, i have an Osama Bin Laden Player Model on my server and Fast DL and about 50% of the people can see and the other half can’t. Although i also have a Player Model that is Slimer and it is also on the FastDL and everyone can see it.

If you could walk me through your installation steps and what models you used please!