DarkRP Custom Player Models

Someone please explain to me how the HELL you install Custom Player Models to DarkRP. I have looked everywhere, I have tried everything. I have looked on about 12 different websites. Me and my friend have literally spent the last 11 hours working none stop testing different techniques over and over again to try and make this possible. And we have got nowhere. We tried AddDir(“MODELNAME”), Resource.AddFile(“MODELNAME”), Resource.AddSingleFile(“MODELNAME”), we set up a FastDL system hosting the custom player models on a free web space, we edited the names of the file, we tried it in sandbox and downloaded the files manually into our own Garrysmod (This Version Worked). But, we CANNOT get it to work on DarkRP. No matter what we try, alter or do. The server will not force the player to download the files. PLEASE can someone help? Me and my friend have literally been working on this since 7PM. It’s now 6:33AM. I have had nothing to eat, I am tired as fuck and feel sick. But, I have to get this to work!

Please, if you know how to make custom player models get forced downloaded onto players on DarkRP. Tell me.

Many thanks.

Show code of the resource.AddFiles, and the AddDir functions.