DarkRP - Custom shipments

I have tried adding an advanced gun dealer group which works fine but I’m trying to make it so only they can spawn certain shipments but it wont seems to work. I cannot seem to find anything wrong in the follow code, can somebody please help?




What is it that you want them to be able to spawn? Just add {TEAM_AGD} at the end of each line of the weapons which you want them to be able to buy.

yeah but if you look at the code that’s what I’ve done, and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Theres no such thing as addshipments.lua the wiki is old.

Do it in add entities. Here is my own personal example.

Add Vehicles/Entities/Shipments go in addentities.lua :smiley:

– addentities.lua

– AddCustomShipMent(“Name”, “model”, “weapon lua folder name”, Price per SHIPMENT, How many in a shipment, false, nil, false, {TEAM_NAME})
AddCustomShipment(“Carbine”, “models/weapons/w_carbine.mdl”, “weapon_mad_fof_carbine”, 1500, 1, false, nil, false, {TEAM_FSPEC})


And now the relevant class.



TEAM_FSPEC = AddExtraTeam( “FoF Specialist Merchant”, Color( 255, 80, 80, 255), “models/player/monk.mdl”, [[Sell Fistfull Of Frags Weapons]], {“gmod_tool”, “weapon_mad_fists”}, “fspec”, 1, 400, 0, false, true )

– TEAM_NAME = AddExtraTeam( “Name”, Color( Vector ), “model”, [[Description]], {Weapons}, “the / code”, How many can there be, Salary, 0-1-2 (Guest,Admin,Super), Needs a vote in, Gun license )


There we have it.