DarkRP custom weapons errors

I installed custom weapon pack on my server. I put the folder in addon and the weapon_blabla folders in the weapon folder in darkrpmod. I spawn them using Q to test. But when I shoot I hear no sound and I get this error in console:

[ERROR] addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/weapons/bobs_gun_base/shared.lua:249: attempt to index a nil value
1. CheckWeaponsAndAmmo - addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/weapons/bobs_gun_base/shared.lua:249
2. unknown - addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/weapons/bobs_gun_base/shared.lua:232

What exact guns are you trying to use? Or did you make them yourself? It is likely that you did not install them correctly.

bobs_gun_base is M9K as far as I remember

I an using this one: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108720350

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nvm it isnt for DarkRP
Didn’t see that