Darkrp damage problem

Hey, um, I use darkrp 2.4.2 on my server, and for some reason, when people shoot each other, they don’t take damage. Now, I know about the global god mode, it’s always OFF, and the global pvp damage is always set so people CAN hurt each other, but for some reason it STILL wont let players shoot each other, so I’m wondering how do I fix that?

I’m not sure which command you use but if you did use “sv_pvpdamage” it’s wrong.

It’s “sv_plpldamage 0”.
Put it in server.cfg and turn of godmode as you said you did.

All right, I’ll try it and get back to you.

Edit: Didnt work, but i think it was put in wrong."

Sorry for the double post, but it didnt work, and I’m out of ideas. Props hurt people, admins can kill, and not die, and other users cant kill each other.