DarkRP Death Logs

So for a while, I’ve been trying to figure out just how the hell I give my ULX moderator group DarkRP Death logs, and by that I mean the things that you see in console that look something like this:

[DarkRP]Billy Joe was killed by Joe Billy using m9k_wep_hk181bar (That’s just an example btw).

But yeah, I really can’t find out and it’s extremely annoying, any ideas?

I think its an option in the permission section for the moderator. I think its something like show logs or something. But i’m probably wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

That wasn’t it, it was under the DarkRP file, gamefunctions.lua (That’s not what it’s called, but just off the top of my head).

But I just figured it out now, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: