DarkRP Dedicated Server Help

Hello all :slight_smile:
Im new on this website.
I been reading alot inhere, and see alot of you hate DarkRP servers, but will try anyway :slight_smile:

Im been made a Dedicated server for gmod, and i will run DarkRP on it, and i been downloaded the newest realese, and intalled it, it works but, not good.
And there is alot I can figure out how to do, like adding new jobs, like drugdealer and stuff.
So I would ask if someone would take some time to help me getting the real setup, so the server will run nice DarkRP.

The person who helps, will ofc get hes name on the server title :slight_smile:
Really hope someone will help me!

Btw. sorry my bad english, in not that good to it :smiley:

how about not play fucking rp

do you seriously have that shitty a lfie that you need to emulate it in garrys mod?

sorry for my english, i am a faggot

Just what I expected…

Well i can teach you lua, but dont expect to me to copy + paste all my custom jobs and shipments :slight_smile:
I only can tell you, get Mad Cows if you want all CSS Weapons (like Real CS weps)
How to make a custom job: ( all from my memory ^^) (btw u must go to garrysmod/gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/shared.lua and open with wordpad, if u see its messy then u dont have Win7, too bad, go download Notepad ++)
TEAM_HAX = AddExtraTeam(“Hacker”, Color(204,122,40,255), “models/player/ex1.mdl”, [[ Hack PCs and shit, cough cough, bla bla. ]], {“weapon_mp5”, “weapon_mad_hax”}, “hacker”, 3, 20, 0, 0, false )

TEAM_short team name = " " " (“team name”, color(color by 3 num’s, last one MUST be 255), “model in garrysmod/models folder”, [[ Description here. ]], {“weapons as you find them in garrysmod/weapons, if its an addon go to addons/madcows/weapons (example) like weapon_mad_fists”}, “command that u must do in chat to become the job like /cop but without the /”, “max players”, “payment”, *** here i confused order *** “player must be voted to become this job”, “limits if only admin or superadmin or everybody can be this job(0,1,2)”, “if it has gunlicense” ) (true or false)

Juppie902 - Sorry, i was sleeping :smiley:
But yes sure, if you wanna teach me how to do the stuff, i would be glad :slight_smile:
I have windows 7, bit i still think the lua filen, looks really confusing! :smiley:
But ye, you can add me on steam if you will - Creepe


  • Like this one? :slight_smile:
    But im not sure, he can buy the drugs under F4, if they even are there?
    I been trying to install the Drugzmod 2.2, but dunno if it works.

TEAM_DRUG = AddExtraTeam(“Drug Dealer”, Color(255, 140, 0, 255), “models/player/monk.mdl”, [[A drug dealer sells drugs to other players, this is illegally, So avoid the police!
/Buyshipment <name> to Buy a weapon shipment
/Buydrug to Buy drugs]], {}, “drugdealer”, 2, 50, 0, false, false)

Well,it looks like you know alot about RP. Do you think you can figure out how to fix my servers’ Weapons? i uploaded madcows,and the weapons you buy wouldn’t pick up. Then i went and deleted madcows,and it is still like that. Please help if you can!!!


Yea.For some reason Durgsmod 2.2 isn’t working on mine ether…


Well,it looks like another 10 year old stayed up so mommy wouldn’t see that “it” was saying bad words on the computer!

WoW… you’re an idiot, maybe you should RP and get away from your shitty life…

On topic: doing everything over usually helps