DarkRP DEV Needed

Hey I dont know if this is the proper place to post this or not but someone recommended that I come here and try to find a Developer for my DarkRP server, The Server is hosted with NitrousNetworks, you would have full FTP access and Superadmin in game with the title, I dont have alot of money but from donations I would split them evenly between the two of us, of course I will have to get to know you and have you prove you can code lua, I know enough to tell if someone can code but not enough to code myself haha, I am wanting someone in full charge of addons, jobs, fastdl etc etc. I will pay for addons if necessary thanks for you time you can reach me on the forums here or at email travis2036@hotmail.com -Travis.

Try Scriptfodder. You can find a lot of people there instead here.

Thanks for the tip I’ll go do this there too! :smiley:

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Can’t use script fodder have to sign in through steam and I don’t have the email anymore for my steam account so can’t get code, :confused: I’ll keep this here if anyone decides they want to help

You should really contact Steam support about that.