[DarkRP] Disable Money to Money Collisons?

Hey, fellow Facepunchers!

So, not more then five minutes ago I had a little mingypoo join my server.
He took the 5,000 start cash and dropped roughly 2,500 2 dollar bills (Which is the lowest amount dropable on my server)
He then placed them all in a bucket and moved said bucket around to cause lag.

Luckely we caught & banned him.

This is due to the money entities colliding with one another.
I know to help combat this I could just up the lowest amount of money dropable, but that will only slow them down… :C

Is it possable to add a script to lue/autorun/server that would disable collisons with money to money?

If anyone knows that would be extreamly helpful! Thank you for your time and consideration! :smiley:

I think you need to mount CS:S on the server I can be wrong

Money shouldn’t collide tho, it should automatically combine their amounts into one.

DarkRP was updated ages ago to patch this very bug, this should be impossible if you are running the latest version.

GM/OnEntityCreated and


CS:S is already mounted.

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I’m running the latest version of darkrp. 2.6

No you aren’t, otherwise your server wouldn’t be crashing because some minge filled a bucket with $2 bills. DarkRP’s latest change was 5 days ago, and I just created a fresh dedicated server with a vanilla, unmodified version of DarkRP, straight from GitHub. Here’s what happened when I tried to make two $2 bills touch each other.


The patch that does this was released back in DarkRP 2.4.3