DarkRP Disable Prop spawning for players?

Hey guys, I just want to know.
Is there a way to make players stop spawning props and make it only for admins or superadmins? Because I am making a serious rp and I don’t want to see players just spawn props in the middle of the street or prop killing players.
If anyone can help, I’d like to give a big thanks to that person. :smiley:
And also, I’m using ULX and ULib.

sorry to go off topic, but what exactly is a “series” rp?

Sorry I meant serious.

just go to the setting and read

Falco’s Prop Protection (FPP)
Change the Whitelist on the Blacklist.


function GM:PlayerSpawnProp( ply, model )
	if ( !ply:IsAdmin() ) then
		return false

Where do I put the code in?


Can you explain more for the DarkRP?