"Darkrp" Disabling Pistols for every job.

Since my coders are not doing what they are told I guess I have to come to face punch for answers.

I got my server 2 days ago, I Know how to Code jobs add shipment’s little basic stuff.
But I don’t know how to take way the handguns In every jobs f4 buy menu,

  • the money printers, I really need to know.

Can someone help me out with this?

if you still don’t know what I mean


F4 > Admin tab > should be one of the squares

Now do you know how to do it for Moneyprinters so only Gangster’s and mob boss or who ever else I pick?

That’s in addentities.lua

I just recorded a short video on how to do this for you.

Also, to answer your original question, you can disable buying pistols for all classes by doing this in console or putting it into the server.cfg:

rp_enablebuypistol 0

Thank you, I Should have thought more with the ‘Team_xxxx’ at the end,
That helped.

No problem. I honestly just learned how to do that yesterday, it was good timing for you to post this!