DarkRP Discussion Thread

Welcome to the DarkRP Discussion Thread!
I was bored as crap so I decided I would create a discussion thread where people who enjoy playing DarkRP could talk about it


  • A place where people who enjoy DarkRP can discuss things related to it


  • A place for DarkRP server owners to talk about server maintaining related discussion
  • A place for people who do NOT like DarkRP

So anyway, I guess ill start the first discussion, and then you guys can start other discussions and talk about anything DarkRP related topics you want!
So, what maps do you guys enjoy the most for DarkRP?
My favorites are probably

  1. Gm_Construct
  2. RP_Downtown (pretty much any version)
  3. RP_Littletown

Half the threads in the GMod forum are about DarkRP, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find a place to discuss it :v:

great simile

Fine here’s another discussion
Why do so many servers give police piece of shit guns that are holstered by default. And then to fire you must right click, wait a second, and then begin shooting your bb-gun that deals about 10 damage per shot?

Easy, it’s a problem that progresses from the need for an “enemy x” on Cops vs. Robbers gamemodes like the Garry’s Mod literp scene. One example I can give is the DarkRP modification CityRP where I spent a year practically in constant argument with some of the server staff to allow Police Officers to have MP5s or AR15s, and the only retort for why they shouldn’t is because “balance”

I’m not even gonna lie… When someone says fucking “balance” I want to pull my eyes out and reflect on shit that could of been fucking avoided if “balance” wasn’t a key concern for developers. I reflect back to my first view of a kid being tortured with something known as “Stuts” or DDoS in interval, reflect back to many raids where I had people go full PTSD mode and freak out to the point an admin had to pull them away from a raid and calm them the fuck down, or reflect back to some weird moments where I felt like I was reenacting the First World War and dreading the fact that I was being forced to charge into AK-47’s with a USP.

Balance does not exist in these gamemodes, and it shouldn’t. One massive problem we face presently is a lack of give a shit for alternatives, as what makes money right now is these copy n’ paste DarkRP gamemodes which hardly change the core ideas of the gamemode. The only server which gets out of my piss-station for this is Modified DarkRP, and that’s because cops could spawn with M4’s. Otherwise about 90% of servers are perfectly content to make it so hard to RP as a cop that you might as well play some game about not commiting suicide then you would be playing DarkRP. Seriously, fuck the doomfort.

Well I play on a server where anybody can just become a police officer without creating a vote, AND you get a decent shotgun so its pretty awesome unless theres a bunch of 12 yr old trolls on who enjoy RDA’ing people

Because DarkRP server owners have no idea how to fix it because they’re all 12.

they figured out how to give the SUPER DONATOR SWAT class automatic weapons that can be hipfired

Did they really or did they go on coderhire and hire someone?

Heres another topic.
What jobs do you guys like to play the most?
Sometimes I like being a police unless there isnt much happening. One of my favorite jobs is the hitman because its so easy unless your dumb and its pretty fun. I also enjoy being a pimp (Not all servers have this) Its pretty funny and its really fun when somebody rips you off and doesnt pay you because then you have to hunt them dont and kill them for money. I also like being a medic… So those are probably my favorites, what are yours?

You can run around and piss people off without getting banned!
And if you are lucky you can steal a gun and go on a killing spree. :v:

What is actually the object of DarkRP, like what motivates you to play

The enivitable ban motivates me.

Nah. I got banned for throwing bugbait at an admin before.

Why is that don’t inserted there. Are you trying out subliminal message, subtly encouraging us to peacefully negotiate with the lonely men who hire our women?

Five-seven best gun

I think that the object of DarkRP is to start some kind of career and try to roleplay it and be sucessfull and grow your buisness
Summary: Roleplay different roles that people living in a city would do

New Topic: What is your favorite DarkRP gamemode? Mine used to be PurgeRP but now I hate purgerp

They are all the same fucking thing.

What is this? 20 questions?

No, it isn’t

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Lol true. And most of them are crap