DarkRP doesn't work, neither does assmod.

I made up a server, istalled some addons, tried to access it… and… there are several issues about it. When I join the server, I: 1. Don’t see my job (left down corner of the screeen)(def. must be Citizen) 2. I het all weapons when I spawn (battering ram, arrest stick (while being anyone - gundealer or medic)) 3. +ASS_menu doesn’t work I don’t know why. 4. When I delete all my addons and install fresh svn version of darkrp the problems continue. 5. I get a base gamemode (OMG) if i dont have darkrp at my client’s gamemode folder.

Could somebody send me a working DarkRP, that shows names of the jobs, send its files to client and works with assmod?

Help ASAP!

latest update broke datastream, check the update thread for the datastream fix or you can try my expermintal addon to fix this:

also as for the cop weapons its becuse your admin, theres some setting for it

Got the same problem ! i also have that ! assmod wont work, and if it work i’m not admin.
The motd isn’t showing MY text but the standard text, the DarkRP’s and other game modes are broken, full of lua errors and the cl_init isn’t readeble or something.

Tobba, where to extract it?

I’s bettah answer. If you talk about DarkRP - to gamemodes. The best version of it is 2.3.7, so download it.

Tobba helped out make my server up and running, actually.

yeah. new versions can be crap