DarkRP Donator Bonus

I don’t know how to do these things, but i would like some help on these questions, and if you could answer well, i would gratefully thank you.
1: How can i make so the ulx groups “donator”, “moderator”, “admin” and “superadmin” spawn with 100 Armor?
2: How can i make so the ulx groups “donator”, “moderator”, “admin” and “superadmin” have 280 runspeed instead of 260, and walkspeed 170 instead of 160?
These are the questions i need to forfill. IF you can answer me about how, and where to put the text, i would be gratefull. ^^:dance:

Something like this?
local specialGroups = {
[“moderator”] = true,
[“donator”] = true,
[“admin”] = true,
[“superadmin”] = true,

hook.Add(“PlayerLoadout”, “GivePayingKidsTheirStuff”, function(ply)
if IsValid(ply) and specialGroups[ply:GetUserGroup()] then
Also, this isn’t the place for lua help.

Sorry, but where do i put this?

The easiest way for you would be to put it in lua/autorun/server/myfile.lua

Why develop if you’re not a developer. Hire someone. I can just see the follow-up ‘omg i broke my gamemode’ posts coming.

I want to try to do something on my own, but i need a little help. And hire some? Most want money (I guess) so i can’t afford a Coder.

What makes you think this board is a freebie coding area? It’s for people who have tried to find a solution but couldn’t. Seems like you rather just delegate without even putting work in yourself.

Have i said this was? No. But i won’t argue with you, i just want to look on a fully potential code so i can try something on my own with the code.