Darkrp Donator class lua problem

Here is my code in player.lua

if (t == TEAM_PC and self:IsUserGroup("silver")) or (self:IsUserGroup("gold")) or (self:IsUserGroup("platinum")) or (self:IsUserGroup("admin")) or (self:IsUserGroup("superadmin"))   
Notify(self, 1, 4, "Access Granted")

How can I make it so that if the statement is true, it skips the return

Already tried it, It wont work because when it is else, it is EVERYTHING else, not just people who chose the PC_TECH class


Im am so stuck with this. No one knows how to correctly do it

you make no sense



wtf do you mean I make no sense? A I wanna do is make a certain darkrp class for members of admin, superadmin, silver, gold, and platinum

well doing else return should work fine

well it doesnt. try it for yourself. Once you try it, you will see exactly what I mean