DarkRP door group help?

When i click f2 on the door it only brings up jobs and not the Cops and mayor only option. The default door group is in the lua file and everything is right i dont know what im doing wrong.

Go pull DarkRP off of the SVN and restart.

I got the newest SVN version and im not restarting the hole gamemode i coded so much what do i do

You could easily enough just backup your code, then make sure you have the latest svn build.

I removed my dark rp and added the completly new SVN version and does the same exact thing maybe its just how the new one is now i guess?

Don’t ever accept mediocrity. Backup your code and test the SVN version at it’s purest form to confirm that one of your modifications is interfering.

Falco removed the door groups in the latest svn. Update to a revision about 10 commits ago.