DarkRP Door Group Question

Hello again. I am attempting to set up some door groups for the police station however following guides ive seen on the net and following whats in the shared.lua they dont appear to be working.

This is what i have:
AddDoorGroup(“Cops and Mayor only”, TEAM_CHIEF, TEAM_POLICE, TEAM_MAYOR)
AddDoorGroup(“Gundealer only”, TEAM_GUN)

The teams exist and work however the group doesnt appear in the F2 Set owner menu when looking at the door. Any idea’s? Have they perhaps changed this since last year?

I did attempt a search but just kept coming back to the same answer, also my search function on this forum says ‘you dont have permission’ which doesnt help :frowning: (i have activated my account)


Edit: Im also wondering how i can make the text chat appear to close by people similar to the audio chat. I have seen this on servers before but not sure where to start, ive been looking in the chat.lua but unsure what determines the radius.

So i’ve just seen in another thread the grouping has been removed. Anyone know if this will be put back in? I dont want to downgrade to an old version of DarkRP

i had the same problem but all i did is update darkrp SVN