DarkRP Door group's get reset! help?

for some reason every time i restart my server, the door groups now get reset. This was never happening before. I get no error from it so i honestly don’t know why the doors don’t get saved. I get on and every door is ownable. Also the spawns get reset, and that’s bad considering I have a job that kills people in the sewers.

Any help will be appreciated.


Well, I did this once. Basicly, Make sure you’ve got it hosted on a database. This will help keep players Money ( I know it does manually but you know (:slight_smile: It will also keep Door Groups, unownable doors. Etc.

I am having a similar problem, when someone buys doors on my server, anyone can co-own there door without the door owners consent…

Well i fixed the problem, though it required a server wipe to get rid of unused lua files somehow conflicting with saving door groups, the only problem that seems to persist is that there’s no kill information at the top right… nor does it appear in console.

There never has been kill info for me at the top right, although it would be nice. But i can at least see the kills in console, hope i don’t run into this problem that you are having.