DarkRP door groups


I have a problem with the doors in DarkRP.
I used to have a darkrp server before without problems.
Now when i try to set a door group (F2 key) on my server it will immediately buy the door.
I can’t set a door group such as “Cops and Mayor only” or disallow ownership.
I do can set a doortitle and other functions that non-admins can do.

I have set myself super admin in Fadmin and also in ULX.

What could be the cause of this? Could i be because i use custom jobs or something?
I tryed to look in the .lua files for a solution, for example a ingame command just like the jailpositioning (/setjailpos).
But no luck.

Try using ‘R’ instead of F2. If that doesn’t work then… I don’t know.

Are you set as the appropriate rank? It may be thinking that you aren’t SA+ and thinks you just want to buy the door?

Look at both FAdmins and Ulysees permissions
As superadmin you should have access to everything on there