DarkRP Door Groups

When I try and add a door to the police department group on my DarkRP server, the menu when I hit f2 on it or r with the keys out doesn’t pop out and it just automaticly buys the door for me. The past previous days I have been working on a server and that has not been happening. I just created this new one today hoping to get somewhere with it. It would really help if I would actually set the door group and everything. I know for a fact that I am superadmin as I have set myself as that group multiple times trying to fix it. I know that it is not the map as I have set the door group on that map before. I deleted my whole darkrpmodification folder to see if there was something wrong inside there also and there was nothing. I’m not sure what is going on but it would be great if I could get a response back ASAP. Thanks.

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DarkRP isn’t recognizing you as an admin. What admin addon are you using?